Pei Ern is a Sabah-born native girl and graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with First Class Honour (BA) in Dance.
Beginning of 2017, Pei Ern started to work independently as a Full-time Dance Artist after experiencing working as full-time professional dancer in various dance companies. Through her self-employment, she get to work a lot with international artists (different art disciplinary) creating and performing dance/theater work, and at the same time fulfilling her dream as a nomad travelling and visiting other countries. Pei Ern loves people, culture and history very much.
Hoping to know the kind of work she do, feel free to click
*this wordpress blog is recommended by a collaborator of mine who suggested I should write and share about my experience as a foreigner, living in a foreign country and what are my obstacles, difficulties, liking, memories, similarities and etc. I’m excited and at the same time, I hope to be connected with you (readers) through your comments, feedback, opinions, suggestions, messages or any other creative ways you have. 

Thank You,

Pei Ern (Malaysian moved to Japan). 


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